Title: Usability and Accessibility

Reference Code: Disc3

Due date: March 1st  



            The Jakob Nielsen resource below discusses the consequences of poorly designed sites. “User-centered design” is a common buzzword used for e-commerce web sites. What does it mean for university web sites? Web accessibility covers issues related to quality access to all, including those with disabilities. The Web Accessibility Initiative site provides a good introduction to the topic.



1. Review the following resources:

·       Jakob Nielsen  Top Ten Mistakes

·       Web Style Guide

·       W3C Web Accessibility Initiative


2. Reply to the Disc2 evaluations for each student in your group. Your comments may consist of questions, additional information, or an alternative interpretation. Comments should range from 50 to 150 words.


3. Use the Top Ten Mistakes article as a guide for evaluating the usability of the site you selected. Be specific, use examples. (300 words)


4. Use the preliminary review available on the WAI resource website http://www.w3.org/WAI/eval/preliminary.html as a guide for evaluating the accessibility of the site you selected; include examples. Supplement this with an automated test using the online tool provided by Etre http://www.etre.com/tools/accessibilitycheck/. (300 words)


Your post is an evaluation, not a description. In other words, refrain from describing usability and accessibility, but focus on aspects of your site which satisfy (or fail to satisfy) criteria. Give examples to illustrate your points.


Lengthy posts are often difficult to read and key points are often hard to discern from less important ones. For this reason there is a word count specification on the discussion assignments. A latitude of 100 words may be assumed on any posts. On this assignment, posts over 700 words will incur a penalty.


How to submit the assignment.

1. Post your comments (#2) as replies on each colleague’s post in the Navigation topic.

2. Post your evaluation (#3 and #4) to the Usability and Accessibility topic on the discussion board. You may post it as an attachment.