Alexander Onassis Scholarship, 2002-2003

a)                 Purpose of scholarship –

In 1995 the Foundation established an annual programme of research grants and educational scholarships, addressed exclusively to foreigners who are 1) members of Academies of sciences 2) university professors (all levels - Ph.D. holders) 3) postdoctoral researchers 4) artists 5) translators of greek literature 6) active elementary and secondary school teachers who teach the Greek language, history and culture 7) postgraduate students and Ph.D. candidates.

Exceptionally, on a case by case basis, this programme may also apply to Greeks of the Diaspora (second generation and on), who permanently reside abroad and have been studying or working at foreign universities for at least 10 to 15 years (depending on the category).

The grants and scholarships offered within the framework of this Programme cover research conducted in Greece.

Following the Scholarship Programme for Greek citizens, the selection of candidatures is made on the recommendation of an advisory committee formed for this purpose by the Foundation, consisting of university professors, research scholars and artists, representing the scientific, cultural and economic life of Greece. The participation of the advisory committee members is honorary and their contribution is voluntary. The Foundation takes this opportunity to express its gratitude for their assistance.

The total number of grants and scholarships provided by the Announcement per annum is currently 47. During the first eight years of the Programme's operation (1995-2002) a total of 369 grants and scholarships have been awarded. The grantees and scholarship recipients come from a total of 55 countries from all over the world.

b)                 Why a unique honor- Prof. Catherine Tsounis is the first American to be the recipient of the Onassis scholarship in category B.

c)                  Scholarship purpose- The aim of the Programme is the dissemination of the Hellenic language, culture and history abroad, by creating or reinforcing the ties of friendship and collaboration with the members of the foreign academic communities, through their contact with our country.

d)                 Results of scholarship- The results of scholarship will be published upon the conclusion of Prof. Tsounis’ stay in Greece.

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