This website includes information on the Greek-american bilingual magazines “Nea Yorki” and “Estiator”. It is an excellent source on all news related to the restaurant industry , Greek cuisine and Greek community news and history.

Estiator the Restaurateur

The Alexander Onassis Foundation supports medical research and scholarship, Greek cultural efforts, and environmental work..

Alexander S. Onassis Foundation

Professor George Babiniotis of Linguistics, President of the Section of Linguistics of the University of Athens web site dealing on linguistics matters....

George Babiniotis



This Greek website has electronic dictionaries from the Center of Greek Languages.


Greek Poetry and Literature on the Web by Kostas Douridas, Greek fonts, Search Engines and music .

Poetry and Literature

Search engine in Greek and English . Features life, culture and education in Greece and all over the world.

Greek Culture

Virtual tour of Greece’s museums through the Hellenic Ministry of culture. In Greek and English

Greek Museums Virtual Tours

Search engine showing showing all aspects of Greek society, e-mail cards

Greek Search Engine

Ordination of Reverend George Zugrafu – Scholarship winner

Rev. Zugrafu

National Greek-American Newspapers: The longest running daily Modern Greek newspaper. The nespaper is now bilingual, with an English edition on weekends.

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The Organization for the Dispersion-Internationalization of the Greek Language was founded in 1985.The aims of the Organization are the promotion of the need for establishing one single language as the only international language; presentation of the good points of the Greek Language as the only one capable of covering that need; and its dispersion to all the peoples in the world.

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National Greek-American Newspapers e-mail - The longest running daily Modern Greek newspaper. The nespaper isnow bilingual, with an English edition on weekends.

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Hellenic Times Newspaper is a national newspaper highlighting Greek-American commuity news and international Greek events.

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The Hellenic Voice is a Greek-American newspaper published from Boston, Massachusetts featuring Greek-American community news in New England, the United States and the world.

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