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St. John’s University Modern Greek Language and Literature Program is known internationally. The program is based on a comprehensive, integrated approach to learning Modern Greek using grammar, conversation, literature, and community, language laboratory with tapes and videos and Internet resources. We have three class levels with individual attention given to the needs of each student.

Students who take Modern Greek language courses should be encouraged and their efforts recognized. Through symbolic grants, students will understand that their efforts are recognized and appreciated. A Scholarship program is offered to advanced and intermediate students who complete the required courses.

The Fifth International Language Conference held at Kavala, Greece on May 9-13, 2002 focused on “The spreading of the Greek Language in the countries around the World from the Ancient Times to the Present”. Conclusions of the conference and Prof. Catherine Tsounis’ paper on the “Teaching of Modern Greek as a Second/Foreign Language in the U.S.A.” is available.

In 1995 the Foundation established an annual program of research grants and educational scholarships, addressed exclusively to foreigners and second or third generation Greek-Americans who will conduct research in Greece. Prof. Catherine Tsounis is the recipient of the 2003 Onassis scholarship in category B.

Modern Greek Students with unique accomplishments are presented.

The education background and accomplishment of the instructor will be offered online.


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