The Plagiarism Detective


Conceived by Miguel Roig and written by Benjamin Johnson

St. John's University


The first version of the Plagiarism DetectiveŠ was developed in 1998 for the purpose of comparing documents stored as computer text files and determine whether the one document contains strings of text that are identical to text found in the other document.  It is an ideal tool for detecting plagiarism between student papers that are stored in a Windows-based computer and are saved as MS Word files. 


The program will only work if you set your security settings in MS Word at the lowest levels (go to tools, then macro, macro again, then security). Please note that this program will not search the internet for plagiarism. There are a number of commercial websites that will search the internet for plagiarism:           (offers free trial) (demo version available)


For additional details about the program please read our paper describing the Plagiarism Detective. 


You should be aware that there is at least one other free program that is somewhat similar to ours, but much faster, versatile, and efficient.  We encourage you to explore it by going to Louis Bloomfield's site.


Thank you for your interest in the Plagiarism Detective. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions about the program or about plagiarism.