Kevin S. Rioux


Refereed Journals

Rioux, K.S. (2006). Recalling the information needs of others: An emerging conceptual framework of Internet users' perceived cognitive and affective states. Manuscript in preparation.

Rioux, K., & Becker, N. (2006). Night owls: An examination of late hour library use patterns of undergraduate students. Manuscript in preparation.

Hersberger, J. A., Murray, A., &Rioux, K. S. (in press). An emergent conceptual framework for examining virtual communities. Online Information Review.

Erdelez, S. & Rioux, K. S. (2000). Sharing information encountered for others on the Web. The New Review of Information Behaviour Research, 1, 219-233.

Erdelez, S. & Rioux, K. S. (2000). Sharing tools on newspaper Web sites: An exploratory study. Online Information Review, 24(3), 218-228.

Book Chapters

Rioux, K. S. (2005). Rioux's Information Acquiring-and-Sharing Framework. In S. Erdelez, K. Fisher & L. McKechnie (Eds.), Theories of Information Behavior: A Researcher’s Guide. Medford, NJ: Information Today, Inc.


Conference Proceedings

Mehra, B., Albright, K., & Rioux, K. (2006). A conceptual framework for social justice research in the information professions. Proceedings of the 69th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science.

Hersberger, J., Rioux, K., & Cruitt, R. O. (2005). Examining informaton sharing and relationship building in online social networks: An emergent analytic framework. In L. Vaught (Ed.), CAIS/ACSI 2005: Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Information Science. Available:

Rioux, K. S. (2000). Sharing information found for others on the World Wide Web: A preliminary examination. Proceedings of the 63rd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science, 68-77.

Erdelez, S. & Rioux, K. S. (2000). "Email this story to a friend!": A study of sharing tools on newspaper websites. Proceedings of the 21st National Online Meeting, 81-93.


Conference Posters

Hersberger, J., Rioux, K. S., Cruitt, R. O. (2004). Information sharing and community building in an Internet-based community. Proceedings of the 67th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 620.

Book Reviews

Rioux, K. S. (2000). [Review of the book The Principles of Information Ethics]. Libraries & Culture, 35(3), 492-493.

Rioux, K. S. (1999).[Review of the book A Jewel in a Park: Westmount Public Library, 1897-1918]. Libraries & Culture, 34(4), 426-427.


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