A short bio of W. Jean Kwon


o    Editor, Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance, by the Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association

o    Director, Center for the Study of Insurance Regulation

o    Research Director, International Insurance Society (IIS)

o    World Risk and Insurance Economics Congress (World Congress)

o    IIS Research Network




My St. Johnís (for St. Johnís students only)




Risk Management and Insurance Perspectives
in a Global Economy
(2007 by Wiley/Blackwell)

o    2009 ARIA Kulp-Wright Book Award




Center for the Study of Insurance Regulation (CSIR)

o    CSIR Conference (October in New York City)

o    Global Insurance Supervision Conference (jointly with Goethe University, the EIOPA and the World Bank, September in Frankfurt)




Risk, Risk Management and Insurance Links Globally


o    Risk and Insurance Links Globally, collection of links to academic societies and journals, risk and insurance organizations, and other related links


o    Insurance Regulators, Supervisors and Associations Globally, collection of links to national insurance regulatory and supervisory authorities, international agencies, and industry associations


o    2014 Collegiate Risk and Insurance Education Survey

o    Collegiate risk management and insurance programs globally

o    Risk management and insurance research centers



o    The Davis Library at St. Johnís, worldís largest collection of RMI publications (since 1902)

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††††††††††††††††††† W. Jean Kwon, Ph.D., CPCU

Edwin A.G. Manton Chair Professor in
International Insurance and Risk Management


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