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Honor Society:

Epsilon Kappa, St. John's University's Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, was established on April 17, 1964. The purpose of the Society is to "foment a wider knowledge of, and a greater love for the Hispanic contributions to modern culture, to provide a nucleus for Spanish language students' activities, and to reward those who show special attainments and interests." It is open to college students on the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The induction ceremony is held every spring semester. Epsilon Kappa has invited over the years some of the most important literary figures from both Spain and Latin America. To mention a few: Rafael Alberti, Fernando Arrabal, Camilo José Cela, Carmen Conde, José Donoso, Carmen Martín Gaite, Ana María Matute, Elena Poniatowska. Many of these guests were interviewed on television by its Moderator, Dr. Marie-Lise Gazarian.

For the past several years, Epsilon Kappa has been recognized with a Merit Citation from the National Honor Society. It conducts Talleres literarios (Literary Workshops) on a monthly basis to incite the Hispanic community and the student body to join together and use Sigma Delta Pi as a forum for literary discussions and for reading their own creative works.

To publicize the poetry and prose of St. John's University honor students as well as the writings of young writers from the Hispanic community and from abroad, Epsilon Kappa launched its first literary journal “Entre Rascacielos” on October 26, 2001. Now in its fourteenth volume, the journal is published twice a year, in October, during the Hispanic Heritage Month, and in April, the month dedicated to poetry. In recognition of the accomplishments made by Epsilon Kappa and in celebration of its 40th anniversary on the St. John’s Campus, a 500 page anthology of “Entre Rascacielos” came out in the Spring 2004.

Because of its long standing achievements in promoting Hispanic culture on and off campus, Epsilon Kappa was the recipient of The Ignacio and Sophie Galbis Award for the year 2000-2001. Its moderator was inducted into the order of Don Quixote on July 8, 2001, at the Triennial Assembly of Sigma Delta Pi, held in San Francisco. At the Triennial Assembly of Sigma Delta Pi, held in Acapulco in July 2004, its moderator  was appointed Vice President for the Northeast and her Chapter received the Order of Octavio Paz.

The Officers  for the year 2007-2008 are:

Theodore Lemle, President
Carlos Montenegro, Vice President
Carolina Aguasanta, Secretary
Joanne Franco, Treasurer