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Dr. Marie-Lise Gazarian




Dr. Gazarian is a specialist in the works of Gabriela Mistral, Camilo José Cela, Carmen Conde and Ana María Matute, among others. She teaches the following Graduate courses: Spanish 101 (Methods of Research and Bibliography); Spanish 109 (Spanish Stylistic: Creative Writing); Spanish 118 (Contemporary Spanish-America); Spanish 232 (Gaucho Literature); Spanish 237 (Spanish-American Modernism); Spanish 238 (Spanish Women Writers from Spain); Spanish 239 (Women Writers of Spanish America); Spanish 248 (Indian Themes in Spanish-American Literature); Spanish 250 (The Spanish-American Novel from the 1950s Onward); Spanish 259 (The Interview as a Literary Genre); Spanish 306 (Seminar in Hispanic Literature); and Spanish 323 (Nobel Prize Winners from the Hispanic World).