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American Identity
Preface Christianne M. Cain
The Palimpsest of American Inscription: An Experimental Preface by John V. Nance
The Problems with Identity: Distribution, Agency, and Identification by Rachel A. Wortman
Mapping Hyphenation in Cuban-American Literature by Maria Luisa Ochoa Fernandez
Fradulent Undressings: Bawdy Politics in Burlesque Performance by Laura Dougherty
Citizenship and Hysteria: The Puerto Rican as the Surplus of American Identity by Daniel Gaztambide
Only Bad Mommies Eat Their Babies: American Motherhood, Myth, and Tragedy by Hannah Landsel
The Whole Life of the Poet: William Carlos Williams and His Bicultural Heritage by Jenny R. Sadre-Orafai
Louisa May Alcott and Walt Disney: The American Optimists and Their Opposition by J.D. Isip
Bogey, Bobby, and Woody: Diminutiveness and the Antihero by Greg Weiss
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