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SJU Picture Chief Editor: Paul Devlin, Graduate Assistant, English Department. Associate Editors: Michael Pozo and Carmencita-Mia Q. Fulgado, Graduate Assistants, English Department. Faculty Advisors: Stephen Sicari and Granville Ganter. Cover Design: Naomi Caesar
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Publics and Counterpublics by Michael Warner. Reviewed by Granville Ganter
An Interview with Howard Zinn by Michael Pozo
signed, Malraux by Jean-Francois Lyotard. Reviewed by Paul Devlin
Vice: New and Selected Poems by Ai. Reviewed by Jeanette Lee
9-11 by Noam Chomsky. Reviewed by Michael Pozo
At the End of an Age by John Lukacs. Reviewed by Paul Devlin
Magical Urbanism: Latinos Reinvent the U.S. City by Mike Davis. Reviewed by Michael Pozo
Seinfeld and Philosophy: A Book About Nothing and The Simpsons and Philosophy: The Doh of Homer. Reviewed by Melissa Lonquich
Good Morning Blues: The Autobiography of Count Basie as told to Albert Murray. Reviewed by Paul Devlin
"Asian-Americans and American Politics: From Discrimination to Participation" by Carmencita-Mia Q. Fulgado
Conjugations and Reiterations. by Albert Murray. Review by Paul Devlin
An Interview with Albert Murray. by Paul Devlin