Granville Ganter


This webpage presents background materials for the speeches of the Seneca orator, Red Jacket (c. 1758-1830). Copyright permitting, I have published speeches in the public domain of Sagoyewatha=s interlocutors that could not fit into the published Collected Speeches, such as those of George Washington to Red Jacket. These speeches sometimes provide a useful rhetorical context. I have also printed significant variants of Red Jacket speeches not printed in the Collected Speeches, or reports of Red Jacket speeches from his public speaking tours from 1822-29. The dated sections below correspond to the chapters in the Collected Speeches, with the exception of newly found materials, such as Red Jacket=s speech of November 15, 1822.


The Council of Tioga Point.

November 15-24, 1790


Colonel Thomas Proctor's Embassy West.

April 27-June 7, 1791


Council of Newtown Point/Painted Post.

July 4-17, 1791


Diplomacy in Philadelphia.

March 14-April 25, 1792


Indian Council at the Glaize.

September 30-October 9, 1792


Treaty of Canandaigua.

October 19-November 12, 1794


To Moses Cleaveland at Buffalo Creek.

June 6-23, 1796


Council at Ft. Niagara.

September 21-23, 1796


The Treaty of Big Tree.

August 22-September 16, 1797


To Erastus Granger on War with Britain.

July 6-8, 1812


To the Western Nations at Upper Sandusky on Land

Sales and Indian Government. November 7, 1816


Response to Parrish and Allegations of Alcoholism

November 15, 1822