Some of my talks in dvi or pdf formats:

1. Distances between Banach spaces  (1998)

2. Projections in normed linear spaces and sufficient enlargements  (August 1999)

3. Classification of total subspaces of dual Banach spaces  (Berkeley, September 1999)

4. Minimal-volume projections of cubes (Texas A&M, July 2001)

5. A new class of normed spaces with non-trivial groups of isometries (Texas A&M, July 2002).

6. Minimal-volume sufficient enlargements of unit balls of finite dimensional normed spaces (Vancouver, PIMS, August 2002).

7. Some extremal problems for linear operators in Banach spaces (Texas A&M, August 2003).

8. Sobolev spaces on graphs (Princeton, Workshop on Discrete Metric Spaces, August 2003)

9. Unitarizable representations and fixed points of groups of biholomorphic transformations of operator balls; based on a joint work with V.S. Shulman and L. Turowska (Texas A&M University, August 2009)

10. Minimum congestion spanning trees in graphs (Graph Theory Day; New York, November 2009)

11. Winter School in Abstract Analysis (Czech Republic, January 2011)

12. Lectures given at "Non linear geometry of Banach spaces and applications" in Metabief (France) 2014 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

13. Lecture notes for the Educational Talk at Geometric Group Theory on the Gulf Coast conference 2015

14. Notes of the introductory part of the finite determination talk at Geometric Group Theory on the Gulf Coast conference 2015

15. Conference: Relations Between Banach Space Theory and Geometric Measure Theory (June 2015)