Online Student Class Tutorial

This tutorial is presented in order of use; start with the top links to register for a Distance Learning class, and proceed down the table from there, skipping those features which your instructor doesn't use.

Please contact your instructor for any questions regarding the use of Blackboard features in your class.

Each link contains a Flash demo and text-only tutorial. Watch the demo first to see each feature. The text column contains the steps inside the demo for your printing convenience. If you need additional help, see the technical support page.


  Links to Flash Demos Links to Text Steps
Accessing Your Online Class  
        View Online Course Offerings          Text
        How to Register          Text
        Order Books and Materials          Text
        Going To Class Online          Text
Inside Blackboard Class Shell  
        Your Navigation Bar          Text
        See Who is Online          Text
        How to Join a Student Group          Text
Discussion/Message Board  
        Interacting in a Discussion Board          Text
Blackboard Email Module  
        How to Send an Email          Text
        How to Read and Reply to an Email          Text
        How to Forward an Email          Text
        How to Delete an Email          Text
Take a test How to Take an Exam  
        How to Take an Exam          Text
How to Turn in and Check an Assignment  
        How to Turn in an Assignment          Text
        How to Check the Status of an Assignment          Text
  Viewing Grades  
        Obtaining UIS Grades          Text
        How to View Grades within Blackboard          Text

If any link above should malfunction, please email Edith Chasen-Cerreta,, Physics Department and Distance Learning, St. John's University